Mégot Zéro

The Mégot Zéro program offers a service for the installation of ashtrays on the public and private property in order to recycle the cigarette butts. In addition to taking care of all the residual materials recovery stages, it also includes an environmental awareness component. All services offered by Mégot Zéro are made carbon-free, emitting a minimum of greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon-Free Distribution

We offer a 100% eco-responsible distribution service using electric vehicles and active modes of transport (bicycles, walking, etc.). It is an economically viable, humane and environmentally friendly option!

Éco-quartier Peter-McGill

We are the managers of the Éco-quartier program in the electoral district of Peter-McGill, in the borough of Ville-Marie in Montreal. The program aims to improve waste management, cleanliness, beautification and greening through targeted environmental actions.